What’s happening to our waste

You put bottles into the blue bin and food waste
into the compost bin. But is any of it actually
used? The problems with our current system are:

1) We don’t know what happens. No one fines us
or tells us what needs to go in each bin or what
happens once the waste leaves our buildings

2) We use inefficient systems that take mixed
streams to centralized sorting plants that
eventually dump or burn the majority of trash
because it's too dirty to be re-used

3) We don’t have enough plants efficiently
converting a specific stream like food waste into
renewable natural gas and compost

Whether it’s a ban on landfills or plastics or most
Southeast Asian countries refusing to take our
dirty plastics, we are already on a path to needing
a new, sustainable system that uses trash
instead of dumping or burning it. Our experience
building the first waste-to-resource grid to
achieve over 86% waste utilization ideally
positions us to create the transition to a cirqular

Three Business Units: Intelligence, Infrastructure, and Marketplace

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Our three dedicated business units address each stage in the process of using waste locally and building the Cirqular Economy. Separating waste at source is the most efficient way to ensure maximum re-use. Until now, however, it was thought to be impossible at scale.

CirqularIQ is a customizable toolkit that measures the type, quantity, and quality of material, from bin to destination, giving every building the control to track where there trash goes and how it’s used.

CirqularAssets are a decentralized network of community-scale waste conversion assets that use waste locally, in the form of small-scale, odorless anaerobic digestion and bio-mass gasifiers that produce renewable natural gas, electricity, and fertilizer.

CirqularMarket will be the world's largest marketplace for recycled products while also serving as a procurement tool for designers, manufacturers and others interested in re-purposing a recyclable raw material.

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